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About Us

Buchis Consulting LLC is headquartered in Texas, United States of America. Incorporated on June 20th, 2018 for project management and business consultancy services in all ramifications, business process outsourcing solutions and services and allied support or follow-up Services, innovations, representation services, liaison services and other services connected with the establishment, running, diversification, expansion of industries, trade and business to Clients. We engage in the business of providing business support services, internet trade solutions and project support solutions to businesses and individuals, and prepare, submit overall and detailed plans for civil and industrial execution to any company, corporation, body corporate, industries, firm, association or any person with regard to new projects and/or improvements and/or expansion of the existing projects. We carry on all aspects of business in data management and data-storage activities, internet kiosks, e-mail and e-commerce services, cyber shops, cyber Cafes, information Retrieval, storage of periodicals and projects research data warehousing and other related services advertisements and creation of strong customer base For businesses. We engage in the business of procurement, supervise international flow of goods, and related documentation and payments with a focus of reducing direct and indirect logistical cost through the harmonization of the procedures and documentations, and general trade logistics.
We also offer professional services in buying and selling of automobiles by creating a purchasing environment that carters customer's needs.
The gallery below are brands of our exotic vehicles.

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